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Repeater System

Repeaters & Nets

Frequency PL Tone Location Owner(s)/Call Sign
223.880(-) 77.0Hz Milford, CT N1JKA
146.925(-) 67.0 Hz Milford, CT M.A.R.A. Club
146.445(+1MHz)             77.0 Hz Bridgeport, CT WA1RJI   G.B. ARC, Inc.      
145.190(-) 77.0 Hz Ansonia, CT WK1M & N1TVN
442.900(+) 77.0 Hz Ansonia, CT WK1M & N1TVN
147.225(+) 77.0Hz Milford, CT WA1YQE
443.550(+) 77.0Hz Milford, CT WA1YQE
441.500(+) 77.0Hz Bridgeport, CT N1LXV
224.960(-) 77.0Hz Bridgeport, CT N1LXV
146.895(-) 77.0Hz Bridgeport, CT N1MUC
147.505(-1Mhz) 77.0Hz West Haven, CT K1SOX
224.500(-) 77.0Hz West Haven, CT K1SOX
442.500(+) 073 DPL Woodbridge, CT W1WPD
442.750(+) 103.5Hz Fairfield, CT KD1RJ

The 441.700 Repeater is Linked to:

WA1RJI 146.445 +1MHz PL. Tone 77.0Hz Repeater System Bridgeport, CT.
N1JBS 224.680 –1.6MHz PL. Tone 123.0Hz Repeater System Rocky Hill, CT.

Local Area Repeater Nets

Swap 'N' Shop Net
147.225 Repeater PL 77.0Hz
Tuesdays at 8:00pm

Amateur Radio News line Net
146.925 PL 67.0 Hz, 441.700 & 146.445 PL 77.0 Hz Linked Repeaters
Mondays at 8:00pm

G.B. ARC, Inc Monthly Emergency Management Net
441.700 & 146.445 PL 77.0 Hz Linked Repeaters
Once a Month. Held on Thursday @ 8:00PM after G.B ARC, Inc. Monthly Meeting

***Special Note: G.B. ARC, Inc. Monthly Meeting
1st Tuesdays of Each Month at 6:15 PM
Held at the Bridgeport EOC & 911 Dispatch Center
Located at 581 N. Washington Avenue, Bridgeport

If there is a repeater or net that you would like to see added to this list, please email here. Thanks!